MERU Bugzi is a powered indoor chair for children aged one to five. Bugzi offers a unique opportunity for pre-school disabled children to experience independent mobility, often for the first time in their lives.

An ideal introduction to switch and joystick use, Bugzi is safe, compact and manoeuvrable – the perfect wheelchair ‘trainer’. Each Bugzi is tailored and adapted to the individual child’s needs, with the capacity to adjust seating and controls as he or she grows.

Bugzi is a fully functioning CE-marked powered wheelchair and includes a programmable controller, postural seating and rechargeable batteries.

Loan a Bugzi for FREE

The Bugzi Loan Scheme enables families and clinicians to access Bugzi at a time in a child’s life when they can most benefit from the discovery, experience and learning that independent mobility brings.

Requests are welcome from both therapists and families. An application form can be downloaded from their website and should be sent to MERU directly. On receipt of this, they will review the request before accepting the child onto the scheme. After acceptance, a Bugzi will be sent to your nominated centre where you will be invited for an assessment. On the day of the assessment, Bugzi will be specially tailored to the child’s needs and will be ready to take home on the day, unless any unforeseen issues arise. A £100 deposit is required prior to taking Bugzi home, which is refundable on return of Bugzi.

The maximum weight limit of a child using Bugzi is 25kgs.

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