Access to phones, tablets and computers

Here at the Centre we offer assessments with a range of switches, switch interfaces, joysticks and software that can be used to operate phones, tablets and computers.

There are so many accessibility features built into operating systems now and it’s changing all the time, things are possible now that we never thought would be!


Following a discussion with yourself and/or the referring professional, an appointment will be made for you at the Centre. There is no charge for this Assessment.

What an Assessment Consists of?

An Occupational Therapist will complete a brief interview first asking details about your medical condition or disability and how this affects you. We will then take you to the technology department where you can try out switches, various controllers and adaptors to increase your access to either your phone, tablet, iPad or computer.

What happens after an Assessment?

Following your assessment you will receive advice and information on different switches and adaptations. Certain switches can be purchased through ourselves alternatively the therapist will inform you where they can be purchased or refer you to specialised technology centres.

Ring us on 0113 350 8989 to book an assessment.

adapted computers and technology.jpeg