27 November 2018 & 5 February 2019.

Cost: £95 plus VAT. Time: 5 hours

This QEF course is being hosted at the William Merritt Centre it is designed for Occupational Therapists, specialist travel operators & healthcare professionals who support their clients make life choices & wish to develop their knowledge & understanding of the cabin environment.

With support from UK airlines and airports we focus on the issues that can cause stress for the disabled passenger & their travelling companions.

Using practical demonstration we provide a comprehensive insight into aircraft embarkation/disembarkation, managing in the cabin for the duration of the flight, the varying seating options, how to access the toilet plus details on the carriage of medication & use of oxygen on board.


In tandem with our courses at airports such as Heathrow, Manchester & Birmingham, this course continues the journey to increase your knowledge & confidence about practical considerations when flying with a disability or with complex needs.

Using our mock aircraft cabin & we take you through the practical considerations of being in the aircraft cabin. This includes: boarding, being seated, taxiing & taking off, in flight facilities, managing continence, medication, descent, landing and exiting the aircraft.

Join us as we explain:

  • Aircraft cabin types & how they can impact the journey

  • The seating locations in the cabin for disabled passengers

  • The use of oxygen, ventilators and medical equipment

  • Essential cabin safety factors that may influence your flight

  • How cabin crew can help you on your flight

  • Why international aviation law can make a difference

  • Aircraft seat types, space, pitch and size and their impact on comfort

  • Options for boarding and disembarking the aircraft around the world

  • Accessing the toilet and managing continence options

  • The sensory environment of the cabin and strategies for managing

Contingency and planning before the journey

Who is this course for?

This unique training module is designed for Occupational Therapists, Specialist travel operators & healthcare professionals who support their customers or clients in making life choices that involve travelling by air, and provides a comprehensive insight into the practical considerations and services available before a flight is booked.

To book contact QEF at accessibleaviation@qef.org.uk for more details