Car Seat Clinics

We hold Car Seat Clinics on site every 6 weeks. An estimated 74% of car seats are fitted incorrectly; assessment at the Car seat clinic ensures your child’s car seat is compatible with your vehicle. During the appointment, the postural needs of the child, and the moving and handling issues arising, will be assessed.


Following a discussion with yourself and/or the referring professional, an appointment will be made for your child at the Centre. Before the Assessment is booked it will have to be authorized by an Occupational Therapist to ensure we have the correct equipment for the day of the Assessment. There is no charge for this assessment.

What an assessment consists of?

During the Clinic your child’s postural needs will be assessed in a variety of car seats by our Paediatric Occupational Therapists. The Therapist will assess the manual handling issues arising from transferring your child into your vehicle, and the stability of the chosen car seat in your vehicle will then be checked by our car safety consultant. We also have harnesses available for assessment for those children who do not require a car seat.

After an Assessment?

The OT will write a report for you detailing all aspects of the assessment and you will be able to use this to support a charity application if required.

Ring us on 0113 350 8989 to book an assessment.