How can I be referred for an assessment?

You do not need  to be referred by a Health Professional, anyone can ring the Centre to arrange an assessment.

Do I have to pay for an assessment?

Most of the Services at the Centre are free.
However the following assessments do incur a charge:

  • Referrals from Private Therapists and Rehabilitation Case Managers (please contact the Centre for more information)
  • Try B4U Fly Assessment – £50
  • Driving assessments referred by the DVLA, GP or NHS – no charge
  • Driving assessments referred by Rehabilitation Case Managers – £250
  • Driving assessments referred by yourself – £95
  • Car access assessment at your home – £25 within the Leeds area (please contact the Centre if you live outside of the Leeds area)

Do I have to live in the Leeds area to have an assessment?

No, we offer assessments to people throughout the United Kingdom.

Can I buy equipment from you?

We do not sell equipment,  however we do provide you with contact details of the appropriate retailers.

Can I borrow equipment from you?

All of the equipment on display is loaned to the Centre, therefore we are not able to loan it out. The exception is the adapted toys and switches from our Switches 4 Kidz Library.

Can I hire equipment from you?

We are unable to hire out our equipment.

Can I get funding for equipment?

We can provide information about charities who may be able to assist with funding.

Do you have changing facilities?

Yes here at the Centre we have a Changing Places facility, with an adult size changing bed and a ceiling tracked hoist. Our facility is open to the public and anyone can use it. Find out more here:

Can I just drop in?

It is advisable to contact the Centre before dropping in to ensure a Therapist is available to assist you. Alternatively, you can visit the Centre on one of our Information Days.

Do you do home assessments?

A wide range of equipment is on display at the Centre, where a more thorough assessment can take place. However, if you are unable to attend the Centre please contact us to discuss your needs.