Ford Focus Auto with Electronic Over-ring Accelerator and Push Brake Lever.jpg

ford focus (automatic)

Our Ford Focus Automatic Vehicle has been fitted with:

Electronic Over-Ring Accelerator: Designed for drivers with restricted mobility the control of the accelerator is transferred to a ring placed in front of the steering wheel. There are a variety of ways to operate this adaptation using fingers or thumbs.

Push Brake Lever: Designed for drivers with restricted mobility, the brake is a mechanical push system operated by the right hand. A safety feature is the automatic ‘cutting’ of the accelerator when braking is applied. 

Electronic trigger accelerator: Designed for drivers who are unable to operate the foot pedals, trigger electronic hand controls operate in a similar way to push/pull hand controls. However, instead of pulling backwards on the lever to accelerate, you use your index finger to operate a small trigger which operates the accelerator.

Passenger transfer plate: Designed for drivers and passengers who need something to bridge the gap if they cannot manage a standing transfer between their wheelchair and car seat.