Rachel visited the Centre for the first time last June. Her mobility had deteriorated and she was having quite a lot of falls. She was worried about how she could take her son out and she was also worried about caring for her parents as her Mum showed signs of starting with Dementia.

She didn’t want to place any extra burdens on her parents by not being able to look after her 5 year old son independently. She had bought a self propelling wheelchair but was finding this too heavy to manoeuvre and lift into the car – her son was having to help her with this.

During an assessment at The William Merritt Centre with Dave Bramley from Wicker Mobility, a suitable rigid frame wheelchair was identified. Rachel was able to manoeuvre this with ease and propel herself up slopes, something which she could never do in her old wheelchair. She was able to dismantle and lift it into the boot of her car independently.

rachels new wheels.jpg
rachels new wheels 2.jpg

After applying to a few different Charities the Therapist applied to the Robert Sinclair Foundation which provides financial assistance for those living with a long term, life limiting condition. They agreed to fund the whole wheelchair and also funded a Smart Drive as well.

Rachel is now so much more independent and says she was “blown away” by the financial support of the Robert Sinclair Davison Foundation.

Without the assessment by the William Merritt Centre and Dave from Wicker Mobility I would still be struggling in my old wheelchair. The difference between my old wheelchair and this new one is massive. Last summer holidays, the furthest we got was to the Supermarket and that was a struggle but this year we’ve been for lots of walks, been to the park and walked all the way round Fountains Abbey which has been amazing.” “Its been fantastic, thanks so much!! You’ve given us our lives back”