Passenger Access

Having difficulties getting your child in and out of vehicles?

The assessment will consider how your child can do this more easily and safely. The Paediatric OT’s will help you to identify an appropriate type of vehicle/wheelchair accessible vehicle and/or transfer equipment.


Following a discussion with yourself and/or the referring professional, an appointment will be made for your child at the Centre. Before the Assessment is booked it will have to be authorized by an Occupational Therapist to ensure we have the correct equipment for the day of the Assessment. There is no charge for this Assessment.

What the Assessment consist of?

Our Occupational Therapists will complete an initial interview, taking details about your child's medical condition. They will then move onto the practical part of the Assessment where the client is able to trial equipment to assist with transfers into their own vehicle or an adapted vehicle.  

After an Assessment?

After the Assessment the Occupational Therapist will offer you advice and information on the equipment tried and will provide a list of reputable retailers and funding sources. Many families apply to lease a vehicle via the Motability Scheme and our Therapists will be able to advise you, and write a report for you to support this.

contact the centre on 0113 350 8989 to book an Assessment