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Try b4u Fly

Concerned about the following questions?

  • What equipment can I take on the plane?

  • Will I be able to get to the toilet during the flight?

  • How will I get from my wheelchair to the airline seat?

If you are considering flying but are concerned about how you will manage on a practical level, we would recommend booking a Try b4u Fly assessment. We have an Aircraft fuselage at the Centre where you can try out equipment as if you were on an aircraft.


Prior to Assessment you will have to fill in the application form below, which an Occupational Therapist will then authorize.  If you’re intended date of travel is less than six weeks away please contact the center. This Assessment will cost £50 and will be carried out by 2 Occupational Therapists at the Centre.

What an Assessment consists of?

During the Assessment we will discuss and practically carry out transfers from wheelchair to the aircraft seat, seat transfer onto an aisle chair discuss continence issues, getting around the airport and transfers onto the plane.

After an Assessment?

Following your assessment you will receive advice and information on the equipment that you tried. You will be supplied with a list of reputable retailers and funding sources from where you can hire or buy equipment for going on your travels. 

Please fill out the application form below and return to the centre if you wish to book a Try b4u Fly Assessment. 

try b4u fly application form