Citroen Berlingo WAV

Our VW Caddy Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) has been replaced by a Citroen Berlingo WAV. The Berlingo has been fitted with:


Rotary rod Gear selector adaptation/switch: Easy select gear selector switch situated on the dashboard.


Steering ball fitted: Designed for drivers with restricted mobility to enable the driver to have full control of the steering wheel, using only one hand.


Push Pull Hand controls and integral indicator switch: Designed for drivers who are unable to operate the foot pedals, this adaptation allows a driver to operate the brake and accelerator by hand using a push/pull single lever. When driving with hand controls, the right hand will be operating the brake/accelerator lever. The left hand will be required for steering, meaning the driver may find it difficult to operate the indicators with the vehicle's standard indicator stalk, therefore there is an integral indicator switch on the handle.


Easy release hand brake: Designed for drivers with limited hand function, the Easy release hand brake reduces the amount of grip required to release the handbrake and eliminates the requirement to depress the button.


Floor mounted left foot accelerator: Designed for drivers with restricted mobility the system incorporates a quick release mechanism to allow the left foot accelerator and right foot guard to be removed. This means a driver can operate the throttle with the right or the left foot.