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We have a wide range of 3 wheeled walkers and 4 wheeled walkers, zimmer frames, crutches and walking sticks for you try. We do not sell equipment but we offer impartial advice on suppliers and provide relevant information.

We hold monthly Walkers clinics.


You or your healthcare professional can ring the centre to book a walkers Assessment. Once the Assessment is booked an appointment letter will be sent to you with a short questionnaire which needs to be returned before the assessment. This is so we can ensure the best equipment is available for the day of the Assessment. There is no charge for this Assessment.

What an Assessment Consists of?

An Occupational Therapist will complete a brief interview first asking details about your medical condition or disability and how this affects you. We will then carry out a practical assessment where you can try out all the different walkers and identify which one will best suit your long term needs.

After an Assessment?

Following your assessment you will receive advice and information on the equipment that you tried and a list of reputable retailers and funding sources. 

Ring us on 0113 350 8989 to book an assessment.



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