Wizzybug is an innovative powered wheelchair designed specifically for children under five who, due to their condition, are unable to walk, who can only walk with difficulty or who may need to save energy for other activities so that they can experience mobility and fun.

Wizzybug can be used indoors, at home and at pre-school, and outdoors in accessible areas such as gardens, playgrounds and parks, enabling children to enjoy movement with their ‘first wheels’.

It is not expected that Wizzybug will be a child’s only method of getting around, but it will be a useful, age-appropriate and child-friendly addition to other mobility equipment. Children enjoy using Wizzybug for learning and play during their early years. 

Loan a Wizzybug for FREE

Requests are welcome from both therapists and families. Please contact Designability’s Occupational Therapy Team on 01225 824103, who will help you decide whether the Wizzybug might be beneficial. If it seems likely that Wizzybug would be appropriate, they will send a request form for you to be completed jointly by both the parent and therapist. On receipt of this, they will review the request before accepting the child onto the scheme.

When Wizzybug is ready, the family will be contacted to arrange a convenient appointment which will be carried out at either Designability in Bath or at the William Merritt Centre in Leeds. A £200 deposit is requested prior to the assessment, which will be refunded when Wizzybug is returned at the end of the loan period. Wizzybug will be ready to take home on the day of the assessment unless any unforeseen issues arise during the assessment.

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